I know i already wrote yesterday, but today i have to tell you. We have a new/other french teacher. The Adelaide Kane double - meaning Celine - is ill. So now we have another woman instead of the Adelaide double (thats what i’m calling her from now on) and she is so annoying. Her voice is kind of high pitched and it reminds me of when i was younger and my mom had this friend who also had a voice like that and i really didn’t like her, and that is why i don’t like the new teacher. Also we are about ten people in the class. It’s way to many for my liking (you can’t learn a language with so many people in one class) and it takes a lot longer for everyone to understand. There are a few chinese/japanese and one indian guy, whose french i do not understand at all, that joined our group from last week. I don’t like them. I mean i like them, they’re nice, but they don’t get anything. Now we repeat everything a bazillion trillion times so that everybody really gets it, and we’ve only really done Vocabulary! Some people are just dense. Or maybe i’m just super smart (I wish), ha, nope.
To summarize, i have been sleeping with open eyes in my french classes, can’t be bothered to switch to another level (because i only have two days left) and i am doing lots of harder stuff - grammar and vocabulary - at home (my host is a teacher so she gave me a childrens book to read and some ‘easy’ exercises) to be able learn anything.
Peace out, see you soon.

I know its late and i’m really tired, but i just wanted to write.
I wanted to write that i love it here, in France, Montpellier. I love going to school here and learning the language even though the classes i’m taking are way too easy for me. I wanted to write that i’m so glad i have time off school, the real school, the IB. I wanted to write that i am so happy to not be stressed out. I wanted to write that although i can’t go a day without thinking that i need to do something or that i forgot something, i’m happy here. I wanted to write that this is a time for me to be someone else and i am content. I want to say that i want to stay here; i don’t want to leave, because here i don’t have to think about all the school stuff i have to do. But i know i can’t stay here, i have to go back in three days and i’m not sure i’m ready yet.

Guess who’s back? Back again. Me! I finished my first week of learning french in Montpellier and next week is my last week. The lessons are pretty easy, now i just have to know the vocabulary, because grammar is super easy and i can write well, but i hardly speak. Anyway, tomorrow i’m going to Avignon and Pont du Gard. It will be awesome and i will try not to buy a lot, although i have to get some postcards, write and send them and i have to eat. Then on Sunday, i’m going to Aude, Cap d’Agde and Pézenas. I’m so excited and i will take so many pictures and its going to be amazing!!
I’m not finished yet, because i have to tell you: my french teacher looks like Adelaide Kane! I have two french teachers, a woman, who is maybe 25 years old/young and a man, who is maybe 28 years old or so. The woman, Celine, so reminds me of Adelaide Kane! Seriously for the whole week, i kept thinking who does she remind me of. Its Adelaide Kane. She is so pretty, and she is just.. really good looking and i keep staring at her, because she reminds me so much of Adelaide Kane. And did i mention she’s really pretty? I just like her, she’s nice.

France, its beautiful, trés jolie. I’m getting better at speaking, although the lessons are really a bit too easy for me, but its okay. At least like this i can revise and make sure i really really know the basics. Its so hot here, in Montpellier and i hope i can go to the beach tomorrow after my classes. Otherwise i think i’m going to die of a heatstroke. Not true. But it is really warm. Il fait chaud, et il y a beaucoup de soleil. J’éspère que je peux aller à la plage demain, je vais voir..
I will write something tomorrow, and in ten days or two weeks you can expect lots of photos.
Au revoir, ou, à demain!


girls don’t want boys, girls want to go to comic con

hot summer days

hot summer days

My To Do List for the summer holidays:

  • finish writing my Extended Essay
  • write a TOK essay
  • prepare a German FOA
  • prepare an English FOA
  • do some French Revision
  • write a German Written Task
  • reas “Nora”
  • finish my History IA
  • start the Maths Exploration
  • write up the Chemistry Report/IA
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