Happy Easter everyone! its so nice outside i’m gonna get off tumblr now to enjoy the sun and tan a bit.




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  • Nephew: Star Wars was in Captain America's list of things to see right? Is he going to watch all six? He's going to find out that Nick Fury is a Jedi.


-takes homework out-

-rewards self with two hours of internet-

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Why do Hiddlestoners always travel in uneven numbers?

Because we can’t even….

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I watched so many films in the last two days its awesome, but i wasted so much time, I know i’m gonna wake up and just be like oops tomorrow is Wednesday. Shit, tomorrow is actually Wednesday, I need to start doing some work, I still have to read two books and I’m just watching films and writing fanfiction.

  • person: so do you watch any tv shows?
  • me: are you sure you're ready for this conversation
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